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Career and higher Education Advice

Career and higher Education Advice


Since Career ambitions will often determine choice of subjects for Advance level G.C.E or Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination, expert career advice at an early stage is vital. At Westminster College. This includes:


In-depth analysis of students’ interest and aptitudes




Discussion with parents




Seminars with guest speakers from a wide range of Professions.




Tutoring students on how to fill JAMB Examination forms to secure Admissions into Nigerian Universities




Helping students to obtain Admission into foreign Universities (e.g. Ghana, UK, Canada, USA).








Westminster College prides itself on attaining the very highest standards of orderliness, consideration for others and working together.


The College provides a strong and clear framework within which boys and girls develop self-discipline. Punctuality and proper standards of personal appearance are considered important.


Failure to maintain standards is appropriately dealt with.


For example we insist that poor or late work submission is done again perhaps within a formal detention period.


Repeated failure is met with more serious sanctions such as early morning chores and loss of privileges. Serious offences, such as those involving Tobacco, Alcoho or breaches of the Law, could lead to rustication or expulsion. Use of illegal drugs would lead to immediate expulsion..


Nagging, fagging or fighting are taken as serious offences in the College and could lead to immediate expulsion but in each case parents or guardians will be invited to the College for discussion.