The Hostel is the centre of a boy’s or girl’s life at Westminster College and considerable care is taken by the Housemasters and Housemistresses to make sure that the atmosphere is conducive, creative, happy and well disciplined. Each boy or girl is helped from the first day of arrival to develop a proper ambition, an enquiring mind and a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment together with courtesy and consideration for others. Boarding is a vital and thriving element at Westminster College, contributing much to everyday life at the college.

Great thought is put into every aspect of its provision to ensure that each boy or girl will look back on his or her time with us as being amongst the happiest and most fulfilling of his or her life. We believe we have much to offer each and every child in our care. Whether it is the calm structure of prep time, the varied weekend activity programme or the chance to develop lifelong friendship, sporting, musical or artistic skills, boarding can make the difference. The maturity and skills learnt through boarding can smoothen the transition to University life and Adulthood.

There are two boarding houses at Westminster College: Bradford House for boys and Mary Slessor House for girls. In Bradford House, like Mary Slessor House, the students share up to twenty in an open apartment in a well-ventilated, cosy and relaxed atmosphere, very much at home from home.

There are experienced House parents/Housemasters who are totally dedicated to that age group and able to help and advise on all aspects of College life to ensure the new boarders get off to a flying start. The Housemasters and House mistresses are very friendly and easily accessible so that every child in their care knows that he or she can turn to them as and when needed.

The distinctive feature of Westminster College boarding, perhaps, is the fact that it has always been motivated by a desire on the part of the parents to send their sons and daughters to a thriving academic establishment of mixed social quality -there has never been any particular social cachet about boarding at Westminster College. Conversely, the loyalties engendered, both among the boarders themselves and towards the college, are strong and endure in a most striking fashion.